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Christ is the proper object of our vision.

St Paul says that we received the spirit of being children, and the spirit ‘makes us cry out Abba: Father’ (Rm 8:16). This is where our dignity lies and even in the depths of distress teaching that we are beloved of God … It is hard to speak of the Spirit of love. Hans Urs Von Balthasar says: ‘This Spirit is breath, not a full outline, and therefore he wishes to breathe through us, not to present himself to us as an object; he does not wish to be seen but to be the seeing eye of grace in us and he is little concerned about whether we pray to him, provided we pray with him, Abba, Father, provided we consent to his unutterable groaning in the depths of our soul.’

For Von Balthasar Christ is the proper object of our vision. The Holy Spirit remains hidden in revealing the love of God revealed in Jesus.