Congratulations on the birth of your new baby!!

Baptism is a great gift to give to your child. It welcomes them into the parish faith community founded on Christ’s love for us all. It brings your child into a unique relationship with the Lord, they become his beloved, his chosen one.  It is with great joy that all are invited into the family of the church through baptism.

Each year about 200 baptisms take place in the parish. We are delighted with the opportunity this provides to meet with the families concerned and we work hard to ensure that the ceremony itself will be both relaxed and memorable for all.

Time of Baptism

Baptisms take place the first and last Sunday of each month.

Sunday at 1 p.m.

How to Book a Baptism

From January 2023 Baptism are booked online by CLICKING HERE

Documentation / Requirements

  • State Birth Certificate
  • Pre-Baptism Meeting – 3rd Wednesday of each Month.
    You will be advised by email of the time and date.
    This meeting with the Baptism Team is held in St. Patrick’s Pastoral Centre at 7 p.m.,
    with registration at 6.45 p.m. Parents must attend this meeting.
    Bookings for chosen dates are only confirmed at the meeting.
  • The State Birth Certificate should be brought to the Pre-Baptism Meeting.
  • Letter of Recommendation – If living outside St. Patrick’s Parish, you will also need a letter of
    recommendation from your own parish.


  • The law of the church require one Female and one Male Godparent
  • Must be over 16yrs
  • must have made their Confirmation
  • be committed to the practice of their faith
  • attend the pre-Baptism meeting, if possible

Older Children
There is a programme in the parish for the baptism of children who are older.

There is a RCIA programme for adults who wish to be baptised.

On the day of Baptism

Arrive 15mins before the start of the ceremony.