Safeguarding Children Policy

The Parish of Esker, Dodsboro and Adamstown values and encourages the participation of children and young people in all Church liturgies and parish activities and all that enhances their spiritual, physical, emotional and social development. It appreciates the generous service of the adults who facilitate such participation and respects their integrity.

Each child and young person is a gift of God and has a right to dignity of life and bodily integrity, which must be respected, nurtured and protected. The Parish of Esker, Dodsboro and Adamstown recognises the dignity and rights of all children and young people and is committed to ensuring their safety and well being in a way that promotes their human dignity, integrity and worth as children of God.

The Parish recognises that all who work with children and young people have a special duty of care towards them. Leaders must create a safe environment for children and young people to secure their protection and enable their full participation in the life of the Church.

The Parish recognises the responsibility that each child and young person has to respect the dignity, rights and reputation of all who facilitate their participation in Church liturgies, diocesan events and parish activities.

The Parish is committed to the guidance of the Parish Child Safeguarding Officer, Mrs. Miriam Hodgkinson, in following Diocesan Guidelines on the protection of children and vulnerable children.

Miriam can be contacted by email as follows:

Download the Diocese’ here: