For our English speaking Friends

The aim of St Patrick’s Parish is to create an environment in which the Spirit of the Lord lives, enabling all the members of the Parish to grow in the love of God and one another and to respect the gifts and talents of each one.  God’s family gathered together.

We here in the Parish of  St Patricks/Esker/Dodboro/Adamstown wish to welcome you to our Parish website. We the Catholic community welcome all newcomers to the area. Our vision is ecumenical and there are a wide variety of things we have to offer, that may interest you or your families.

If you are new to the area and in the future, you may be getting married, have children baptised, go to school, if you fill in the form below we will be able to e-mail you any details you require for the future or even if it is only to let us know you are here.   Many thanks.

You are always welcome to call to visit us.