Before Registering – Some points to note

Dear Parents,

We are delighted that you are interested to put your Son/Daughter forward for the Sacrament of Confirmation in 2024.  Before proceeding to registration we ask you to consider the following points.

  • The Sacraments of the church are for believing and practicing Catholics.
    Confirmation is an important moment in the faith journey of every Catholic and should only be entered into after careful thought and consideration by the parents and the young people together.
    We encourage you to discuss the importance of the Sacrament with your Son/Daughter before registering their name. It must be a free decision on you part and on theirs; the fact that they are in 6th class is of no significance in making that decision.
  • There would be little point in young people who are non-practicing going forward for the Sacrament.
    If after discussion with the young person you decide to proceed, please emphasise the necessity to attend Sunday Mass as a baseline requirement.
  • If sports commitments make Sunday morning attendance difficult please encourage attendance at the Saturday or Sunday evening Masses.

If after careful consideration and discussion you decide to proceed to registration, please proceed below.

We do ask a registration donation from each family. The church, like any organisation requires financial support. In order to provide the facilities for the Sacrament to be celebrated all the normal expenses must be met; we rely on your support.

If this request imposes any difficulty please feel free to email Fr. Curran in complete confidence.