St Patrick’s Church Reopening Notice

Mass times

Weekdays: 10am

Saturday: 10am, 7pm (Vigil)

Sunday: 9am and 12noon. (10.30 Family Mass remains online for the time being)

Summary of reopening measures September 6th to October 17th: 

  • Capacity will be 50%, accommodating a maximum of 300 people
  • Admission continues on a first come basis
  • Church opening times 9.15 a.m. Monday- Saturday inclusive
  • The facility of the Church car park for participation at Sunday Mass will remain available. Mass can be accessed over the usual Church media channels
  • 10.30am Family Mass will continue online until Sunday 17th October


Q.   What happens if the Church is full?

  • The maximum number in attendance in the Church building is 300 inclusive of congregation, liturgical staff and volunteers. For those who cannot enter the Church due to the maximum number having been met, parishioners can attend in their cars in the car park to cater for the overflow. Holy communion will be brought to the cars. Worshippers can also listen to the celebration of Mass while in their cars on the school campus and receive Holy Communion.

Q.   Will mass continue to be live streamed on the website?

  • All Masses are now streamed live on the parish YouTube channel while 10.30am Family Mass will continue to be only live streamed. This online mass is aimed at younger parishioners and their families; it is an accessible liturgy for children and enables them to participate more fully in the Sunday Mass.

Q.   What do I need to do when attending Mass?

  • Do not come to Mass if you have a cough/cold or feel unwell.
  • Hand sanitisers will be provided, please use them as you enter.

Q.   How are collections going to be done?

  • Collection boxes will be placed at the entrance and exit doors. The collection baskets will not be passed around. Envelopes/donations for collections can be left in the boxes. Volunteers will bring the collection box to those outside of the church for donations. On-line payments are also welcome on our website and ought to specify which collection is intended. The parish will shortly introduce electronic tap payments in addition to the collection boxes in and effort to reduce the handling of cash.

Q.   Will the parish office be open? If not, how can I contact the office?

Q.   What are the arrangements for Confession?  

  • Confession can be requested after Mass.